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Nov 16, 2023 - Nov 30, 2023

Watch Me LIVE build a Dropshipping business

  • 15Days
  • 5Steps


Let's build passive income together. Don't just learn or do it by yourself, let's do it together! We have an app to communicate and share experiences and if you are old-fashioned, we can communicate inside the membership using the inbox, so no more emails are lost, or any excuses. And we will have a WhatsApp chat group to support you and for you to chat with others. I have created this course to help everyone who has struggled or never made money online, so do it with me! This system works anywhere in the world because it will sell to English-speaking countries even if you are in a non-English speaking country. I'm going to be live online showing you how I set up multiple businesses online, as I start a new era of business, where nobody knows me, so I can prove to you how to do it. You will be able to follow it LIVE, interact with me and ask me questions or watch the recordings. For the business I will be setting I don't have anything. 1. No list 2. No brand...(no name and no products) 3. No social media Just a laptop or a phone This is not just training, you will do what I do and get the same results. We can chat, we can share experiences, and give you support in the members' area. You will learn: 1. How to choose what niche to do, if you don't have already a product or service to offer 2. What are the best online strategies to make passive residual income 3. Get people coming in autopilot and make profits I will do 1 Live Zoom call and record it every week.

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