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AI Search Optimisation - Be found, mentioned and used as a source for AI chats and assistants

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The game has changed! The Future of searching for what we need is not search engines anymore but AI chats and assistants. We used to worry and keep track of how SEO changes in time and what new strategies we could use, but did we ever think of the time when the game would change? Yes, the game has changed! Game 1 Bringing people who search on Browsers for what we offer on our website. Game 2 Bringing people who search on AI chat, apps and assistants using text, pictures, and voice. Game 3 (Game 1 + Game 2) Browser with AI assistant incorporated SEO vs AI chats SO ​Is your website AND PRESENCE ONLINE optimised for AI in 2024? What would happen when most people stop using Google Search and only use AI Assistants, voice-activated, to search for services you offer? Have you ever thought about that? In this course we cover: 1. How AI finds you How AI chats and assistance search The difference between NLU and NLP What they look for in your website How to make your website AI-ready How to implement Data Markup on your site 2. Traditional SEO vs AI Assistant SO The difference between implementing Traditional SEO and AI SO SEO keywords and AI SO keywords AI search and website mobile versions How to implement Semantic HTML 3. How to be found by Voice AI Assistants People nowadays search using speech recognition with Alexa or their AI assistant on their PC or phone. How can you be found by this Voice AI assistant? Natural language and dialogue-optimised formatting Who is this course for? This course is for anyone who owns a website or works in marketing. You don't need to be technical You don't even need to understand SEO You can buy the course for your marketing people or for you Course content: 1. Live and Recorded webinars 2. A Checklist to make sure you don't miss anything and become AI-ready 3. 24 hours support via chat and email

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